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Sound Proofing

   We offer high quality sound proofing options that are best suitable for your application. We have built personal music studios, recording booths, theather rooms, and many other sound controlled project. One of our most recoginzed project was "THE SCHOOL OF ROCK" in Weston, FL.

Our company uses methods of sound isolation to control vibrations and noise frequencies, then trap them in their travels. Noise decibels can be lowered and controlled in a specfic area to your desired expectation depending on which route you want to take. Standard controlled jobs involed isolation clips, reslient channels, 2 layers of drywall with green glue installed. More advanced, over the top type jobs, would include the same method plus -4 more layers of drywall, soffits with multible layers of drywall around ac vents, and much other extras.

   Some jobs have taken 6 layers of drywall to completely shut off sound, while others have done 3 layers of drywall; depending on the job and what your trying to soundproof or control. There are challenges when AC vents, exterior windows, drywall soffits, and other scenarios come into play; but we strive to recommend  the best solutions tested in sound labatories and one of our affiliates at www.thesoundproofingcompany.com. 


Quiet Rock Drywall

Sound Board Drywall

Green Glue

Resilent Metal Channels

Isolation Clips


Got Sound Problems?

1. Determine what type of sound you are hearing.

2. Identify the areas the sound is coming from.

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:  A successull sound proofing job :

Some of past sound proofing jobs included sound proofing a theater room. We converted a basic 10x12 room into a sound proof studio room. The most cost efficent method we used was adding an additional layer of 5/8" drywall with 2 tubes of green glue per sheet on walls and ceilings. The home owner now can blast his surround sound entertainment system and not disturb others in the house. There is a certain method to applying this glue, and if not done right, can let sound escape.


::  Another successful sound proofing story  ::

We had a client that lived in a 3 story apartment in Miami Beach, and had a problem with his upstairs neighbor. The neighbor upstairs recently had tile floor installed, however, they did not use a cork underlayment under the tile, thus creating a bothersome problem for our client. Everytime the neightbor would walk, (especially with high heels) our client would hear EVERY STEP! He was fustrated and wondered if there was a solution to it.

We furred out his plaster ceilings with 7/8" resilent channels, which is a metal stud applied perpendicular to the trusses above. Then we added a rigid foam insulation panel (r-5) and taped all seams. Finally, we installed 1/2" layer of QUIET-ROCK to the ceilings through-out his apartment. After a week of renovations, our client can now claim his home again. He does not hear any more noise upstairs, and plans in the future to sound-proof his neighboring walls that divides his apartment.


:::  A third story- sound proofing an hotel :::

We had a client that had a 2 story hotel on the beach, and the lower tenants would complain about noise from the neighbor above. The guest would could hear other guest from rooms above talking, furniture moving, and everytime they would walk. We removed the plaster ceilings, and caulked floor joist inbetween every joint. Then we install a 4" mineral wool insulation, genie clips, metal furring strips, and 2 layers of drywall with green glue. The final result, 90 percent of the noise went away. What we learned for the future, would be 4 layers of drywall in the ceiling vs 2.















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