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Why are we good?

Its simple, listen to your customer and respect your workers, and the same will be said about you. Procopio Finish just doesn't send a journeyman to a job and when he completes it, the client is billed; instead, our field supervisors will inspect the work thoroughly. If theres a problem, they will bring back the journeyman to complete the work. 90% of failures in the construction industry are from lack of supervision, sacrifing quality.

About Us

Procopio Finish Inc is a 2th generation family owned business, who specialize in all your drywall needs. We have experience building custom additions, transforming basements into family oriented rooms, and many other remodeling needs as well.

Our commitment to the construction industry is to serve and provide quality production, stay within budgets and meet deadlines.

We realize that every customer's home is their castle and we treat it accordingly!

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